Be Great University (BU) is a private online community focused on cultivating greatness! We offer valuable Personal Development programs built with the foundations of self-awareness, self-care, and self-love. No matter your current state of being or position, taking the time to reconnect with self allows space to evaluate  purpose, passion, and priorities.

Are you excited, hesitant, or even afraid to pivot into a new way of being?


We know how you feel because we’ve been there. We have assisted dozens of people transitioning into a new way of being, by providing them with a thriving environment of like-mindedness that encourages greatness and authenticity. The BU curriculum is built with tried and true experience, wisdom, and results that we've gathered on our journey of entrepreneurship, parenting, and marriage! Imparting in them the necessary courage confidence and connection with their most authentic self. There is no better time than now! We got you! πŸ† 🏁








Do you find that others don't often resonate with your overachieving personality? 
That resonates with us too. We never allowed that distraction to keep us from going after the vision we saw in our minds. We  believe that our visions are our promises, but we must put in the work to achieve them. We have learned how to balance it without allowing it to override what's really essential to us in life. From our long and hard hours of overcoming we have designed the perfect program for you. BU offers you the encouragement and positive reinforcement you need to take ownership of this pivotal reset that will shape your life for generations to come, make sure it's according to your unique vision of success. Let's Get it! We got your back! 🎯

Do you ever wonder if you have what it takes to be successful? 


BU is the solution you may have been looking for. Whom you surround yourself with matters, especially during pivotal stages. We must be surrounded by others who are also focused on building one another up so we can show up magnifying our greatness. With BU you will be surrounded by a community of "The Greats". The Greats are individuals who are committed to pushing through any fear of uncertainty as we follow the path to our Victorious Visions with courage, grit and grace. πŸ€΄πŸ½πŸ‘ΈπŸ½

Have you noticed you receive what you desire very quickly? 


Yes, we love being magnetic. BU is a testament to the fact that we are reflections of greatness, and everything we need to thrive is available and waiting for us to simply believe and trust in ourselves. KNOWing and ACTing according to those facts is being in alignment with self. We have tapped into our hearts' truest desires and we want you to tap in and receive the vision that is awaiting you, as well! πŸ’―

Allow your VALUES to lead the way, they will override
whatever is standing in your way!
Be Great University (BU) is for you if any of these Q & A's resonate with you.

What Our Students Are Saying

The Lanes didn't just open a hair school, they opened a great school. They wanted to be great. 


And I think like I always have, but I didn't really put a finger on exactly what it was I was doing in this world until I spent my year at Champions Barbering Institute, and getting to have this incubator situation where I really started to hone the craft of recognizing greatness, it was what I was doing. I didn't realize it until probably about a month ago, this is powerful.”

       - 2019 Graduate

Being at Champions Barbering Institute has allowed me to grow knowledgeable in areas I couldn't imagine. I'm learning what it means to be a professional barber and an upstanding person of character, on and off the floor. I feel so blessed to be a part of this school and look forward to becoming a well-rounded barber in the future! Being at this school makes me feel like everything is possible. CHAMPIONS!!!!                - 2018 Graduate

My journey started when I went into Mrs. Lane's office, I was like, I'm thinking about doing this barbering thing. The only problem is I have no idea how to cut hair. And really I just want to change communities and that's all I wanted. I mostly desired to walk alongside men as we learned together what it means to be dads, husbands, brothers, co-workers, and friends. And, her answer to that was cool, we'll teach you how to cut hair. We want people who want to change communities. And that's how it all started. And that's what they did at CBI.                          - 2019 Graduate

Be Great University created an atmosphere where I was able to connect with people during the prime time of the Covid-19 pandemic. It gave me the ability to change, not only how I work and operate, but also how I view my perception and take steps toward my version of success. I was able to write my book because of the accountability I received via the group. The Lanes have created a step by step process on how to find your inner purpose through growth and development.             - Cultivating Greatness Participant

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Cultivating Greatness

Personal Development Program 

Your System of Empowerment and Personal Development will be unique to YOU because it's designed for you and by you. There is no right or wrong, it is what it is. There is zero time to delay.

Enroll Now!


A 5-week, self-study workshop to be completed on your own time and at your own pace. Ideally, be ready to commit 1 hour a day for the next five weeks. 


Get ready to discover more about yourself with our thoughtfully curated personal development program that includes our strategies for success.

Signature Empowerment Lifestyle Methods:

* Self Assessment

*Define or Refine

Your Victorious Vision
* Phases of GRIT
* BINAO mindset
* The GREAT Method


We are excited to observe and empower you, as YOU dig deeper into your greatness. 


The BU Community

A private social network for The Greats!


BU's community of empowerment and personal development is essential for the mindset set of thriving. We are committed to nurturing and following our innate knowing, which is our internal GPS, surrounded by other Great People!


We focus on monthly themes that deep-dive into our full capacities as magnificent human beings and advancement for all!




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